Popular Womens Sandals

If womens sandals weren’t popular, then how could supermodel Gisele Bundchen sell more than 250 million pairs of her signature Ipanema line in 2010 alone?

Let’s be honest, ladies. We all seem to love slipping into an easy, uncomplicated pair of sandals and allowing our pretty toes and feet to breathe and walk around in super comfort.

Casual Womens Sandals

Gisele has always been known for her minimalistic style sense. Her jewlery is always tiny and understated, and her casual clothing never screams “I’m a supermodel.” In fact, the Brazilian beauty (married to Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady) and mom of two likes hanging out in skinny jeans and tee-shirts most of the time. Her favorite footwear are womens sandals, and she has been a prominent spokeswoman for the Ipanema brand and designs. This is our favourite choice.

She also gives back to her native land and donates a percentage of Ipanema sales to the Amazon River and Rainforest. Gisele is a strong environmentalist.

Famous Womens Sandals

Her famous Ipanema womens sandals are made of a PVC blend of natural rubber for extreme comfort and flexibility. According to the company, Brazil Grendene Group, the construction of each pair includes “more than 70 unique ingredients and 99 percent recyclable material developed with the environment in mind.”

These days, the Ipanema womens sandals brand keeps expanding with flip-flops, sandals and high heels. The footwear is available in more than 90 countries globally. The sandals are popular for their comfort, elegance and pretty colors.

Take Pride Wearing Womens Sandals

The Ipanema brand also takes pride in the durability of their famous womens sandals because the material is strong and doesn’t break even after extensive use. The sandals also seem to mold to the shape of one’s feet, and that’s a nice bonus. The PVC material has been designed to “hug your soles.”

A lot of stars have been photographed in the special Gisele sandals. A few of these women include Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Pink and Qi Wei.

The Ipanema womens sandals even have a special method of achieving their vibrant colors. For instance, a unique 3D printing and dyeing process is employed to create that 360 degrees of beauty.

Ipanema sandals are affordable for budget-conscious ladies. A pair of turquoise braid thong sandals, for instance, will set you back only $32.95.

Gisele can often be seen wearing the pretty womens sandals from her line out and about when the weather is warm.

Supermodel sandals look good on every lady, and you know that the manufacturing is proper and environmentally-friendly. It allows you to feel good inside and that you’re doing your small part to respect mother nature and the eco-greenness of the world.

What’s not to love?