About Us

Lauren and Lawrence are the proud new owners of Jump and Phil’s Bar and Grill. They met working at the restaurant in 2007. Lawrence was barkeep and Lauren, a server. As the story goes, Lauren thought Lawrence was pretty cute, but he kept talking about someone named Lindsey. It wasn’t until he finally asked her to join him for dinner at the Outback that she realized Lindsey was his brother. Whew! They’ve since gotten hitched, become parents, and are thrilled to be giving it a go as restauranteurs.

Lawrence is a native of the small South Carolina town of Landrum. He loves the coast, and grew up making regular trips to visit his family in Woods Hole, MA. He moved to Hilton Head Island in 2005 and has been the bartender at Jump and Phil’s for ten years. He’s a guitarist, a classic video game collector, and master of the Rubix cube. Lawrence is still slinging drinks from time to time, but he’s mostly behind the scenes running the business.

Lauren comes from Lynchburg, Virginia, a small city located on the James River and less than an hour from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Despite growing up near the mountains, Lauren realized she was an island girl at heart. She spent a semester of college in Melbourne, Australia, and after graduating from Virginia Tech, she made a home on Maui, where she became a surfer and a budding jeweler. She made her way back to the east coast in 2005, where she started her career in the food and beverage industry. When she’s not hosting a busy Friday night or whipping up a batch of chicken-n-dumplings, you’ll find her at her jewelry bench, crafting custom metal pieces from her home studio.

The couple lives in Sea Pines and in their (very limited) free time, they head straight to the beach.  Even there, relaxation is hard to come by because most of the time they’re chasing Lola, their two-year-old daughter, who bolts towards the ocean as soon as her tiny feet hit the sand. They thank you for your support and hope you’ll dine with them soon.