Dr Martens Sale From Mode

Many things in life aren’t just available or popular locally. Items that are generally considered to be high quality are those that often attract a great deal of admiration. IN doing so, they find it easier than ever to attract an international audience. In the modern era when something that’s really fabulous can attract thousands and even millions of views, it’s not surprising that one company has found many admirers. Those who like good footwear that allows them to relax while still look in touch with the world of fashion around them have turned to Dr Martens Sale From Mode for help. These have been popular in many places including where they were first made as well as other parts of the globe.

History Of Dr Martens Sale From Mode

Unlike some other shoe makers, Dr Martens boots have been around for a long time. They first began to take shape in the mind of a man during the second world war. At this time, he noticed that he often had problems when he was hiking with his feet. Upset at being unable to find the kind of quality boots he liked best, he thought about making his own. This is when Dr Martens Sale From Mode began. A doctor had a close look at the kinds of boots that were then on the market. He realized they had many frustrating shortcomings. On his own, he set about remedying such issues. The result were the first Dr Martens boots to come to life.

Final Designs Of Dr Martens Sale From Mode

The first set of Dr Martens boots were a hit. The designer realized these were boots that the public could enjoy as well as he did. The only issue was figuring how to bring them to market. It was then that he went to a university friend with experience in creating footwear for the mass market. He and the friend began to tinker with the design of the boots they had in hand until they were satisfied at the results in front of them. They were able to improve on the original design and design something that was pleasing to eyes.

International Sales From Dr Martens Sale From Mode

In the years that followed, it is no surprise that those who appreciate items that offer something special began to search for Dr Martens boots. They wanted boots that were rugged and yet allowed them move about with ease on any kind of surface at the same time. The boots began to be manufactured in large numbers in Germany. They rapidly caught on. A United Kingdom company saw a great deal of potential in the design and decided to bring to his own country. The results were instantly a hit. They have continued to be so ever since that time. Today, it is possible to find these boots not only in Europe but also over the world. People appreciate the great construction as well as the timeless look. It is clear they will continue to be one of the world’s most popular shoes.

Mode Doc Martens For Men Who Love Great Boots

Men need to have the right footwear in order to function properly. Many men spend a lot of time on their feet each day. They need to make sure their feet are fully supported at every turn no matter what they are doing. They need to be assured of having support that can be there all day long from the time they get up to the time they take them off. This is where many men find it ideal to purchase Mode Doc Martens. Mode Doc Martens allow every man to have the kind of full support they need from the very top of the boot to the well constructed, thick heel at the bottom.

Getting Through the Day with Mode Doc Martens

Getting through the day often poses many challenges for men. Commuting to work means standing on a cold platform waiting for the train to show up. A job that requires a lot of movement outdoors such as that of a police offer or a fireman also means a lot of weather issues can arise as men work. This is where making use of Mode Doc Martens can be of help. Mode Doc Martens provide men with the help they need to fight off the worst of the elements during the day on the job. The Mode Doc Martens remain in place to protect the feet no matter the weather outside. They make sure a man’s feet stay dry when it’s raining or snowing. They also make sure a man’s feet are cozy and warm when it’s cold.

Rugged Durability – Mode Doc Martens

Men also need to have boots that they can count on to last. They need footwear that won’t rip or tear easily. Many man put a lot of strain on their feet. They do things like walk fast over varied types of pavement. They also do things such as running, hiking and jumping. A man needs to have a pair of boots on hand that they can use as the base for all such activities. They are the boots of choice for any man in search of boots that will last as long as they need them on hand.

Ease of Movement – Mode Doc Martens

As a man moves around each day, he is often called on to engage in different types of movement. Men typically need to do a lot of bending and lifting. A man may need to lug a large set of luggage through a busy airport on his way to a business meeting. Men often need to carry things and to take items from others. They also need to have ability to reach down from great heights without tripping. This is where purchasing and using Mode Doc Martens can help them. These boots are firm but they’re also flexible at the ankle. This allows a man to distribute his weight across the entire bottom of the foot with ease. Every man benefits from having boots on hand that allow him a full range of motion.


Bring Doc Martens On Vacation

A break from life is a necessity now and then. All people need a break in life. They need to move away from home for a few days and change up their routine. As part of any routine, people also need to think about the kind of items they’re going to pack. Proper packing is essential in order to enjoy a vacation. Those who are planning any kind of strenuous activities when on vacation should make sure they have the right kind of footwear on hand for the fun they have in mind. This is where Doc Martens are a must. Doc Martens are the thing to bring on vacation when people plan to do a lot walking around.

Wear Doc Martens Anywhere You Want

Anywhere you want to go is where you head off with help from Doc Martens. Take them on city streets and you’ll find it easy to pound the pavement. Doc Martens let you take in all in from the museums to the cafes you’ve always dreamed of seeing in person. Your feet will be totally protected no matter what your plans are for the day. You can relax with a cup of morning coffee while you survey the landscape in front of your hotel terrace. Then it’s time to put on the Doc Martens and head outside. You’ll have all you need on your feet to have that weekend in the city you’ve been thinking about for weeks.

Heading to the Forest – Take Your Doc Martens!

Another wonderful vacation people often adore is having time to spend in nature. The natural world is one that deserves a great deal of exploration. At the same time, the natural world has all sorts potential hazards when people head out. The ground can be highly uneven. It’s easy to stumble when you’re paying attention to other things along the way such as a love pattern of leaves and a clear sky. This why packing Doc Martens to bring with you is a fantastic idea. They’ll make sure that you don’t have to worry when you’re out there that the ground is hard on your feet.

Take Your Doc Martens On Holiday

Packing well when you’re on vacation is vitally important. The feet deserve a great deal of attention in order to make your vacation flow with ease. You can turn to Doc Martens to help with any kind of territory you might face along the way. They offer the kind of expert cushioning you’ll need to keep your feet in great shape no matter what you’ve done during the day. It’s all possible with the use of the right kind of boots on your feet. Having the ideal boots with you in your suitcase when you’re headed on vacation makes your life easier and makes it easier than ever to appreciate your vacation in every way. It will make sure that you have what you need no matter what kind of wonderful trip you’re planning.

Hip Fall Vibes with Trendy Doc Martens Sale

Cool temperatures mean it is officially boots weather. Durable Doc Martens Sale keep your feet warm and dry without giving up any style points. This fall they have kept ahead of the trends with their edgy designs, classic throwbacks, and functional kicks. Channel your inner hipster with the latest Doc Martens Sale fashions.

1460 WILD BOTANICS – Doc Martens Sale

There’s nothing basic about these boots. The black underlay features spiraling green vines, colorful flowers, cobwebs and a few green scorpions for extra character. Stomping through puddles never was so stylish.

CAREY – Doc Martens Sale

Lace-up black Doc Martens Sale with gold accents and a majestic heel. These boots bring the sass to any outfit whether it is a dress day or skinny jeans night. The distinguishable tread adds to the overall appeal and offers a practical benefit for slippery streets.


Slip-ons are the ultimate comfort and this particular design is completely rock n’ roll. There’s just the right amount of red tartan to contrast the signature black leather, silver buckle, and studs.

1461 SOAP STONE – Doc Martens Sale

Made from suave, these shoes are perfect to wear to work or any classy event. They have a low heel and the signature Air Walk comfort that Doc Martens Sale are known for.

AMORY WANAMA – Doc Martens Sale

The Natural Wanama color is ultra-chic. Pair that with shoes that are just a bit dressy and a bit casual with a moderately high heel. Channel your inner school girl with a plaid skirt and these matching boots.

BELSAY STEEL TOE – Doc Martens Sale

Even on those cold fall nights your feet will be warm and cozy with these fleece-lined soft leather boots. They are so comfortable you might be tempted to wear them around the house. Just because they are comfortable doesn’t mean that they aren’t fashionable, but quite the opposite these boots take any casual look up a notch.

SANTO GRIZZLY – Doc Martens Sale

Outdoor enthusiasts can take their Doc Martens Sale out on an adventure with this reliable design. It is made to support the ankle, gives stability to each step, and look amazing.

The fall designs are out and now’s the chance to be one of the first to rock a new trend. Doc Martens Sale are a classic favorite, but they don’t live in the past. Their newest additions are full of character and flavor to bring some pizazz to your wardrobe. Add some Doc Martens Sale to any outfit for an instantly confident look that stands out against the crowd.


Welcome to Jump & Phil’s. We are a family operated bar and restaurant located in Reilley’s Plaza, on Greenwood Drive. We offer made from scratch cuisine with a variety of options ranging from fresh salads to local seafood and southern comfort dishes.

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Are available for private functions small & large

Fun Facts

New York Times bestselling author, John R Maxim can often be spotted at the bar during Happy Hour.

Local author Kathryn Wall of the Bay Tanner Mysteries usually dines here Mondays at 6:00pm.

Our cat’s name is Stripey. He lives with Lauren, Lawrence and Lola. During his work shifts at Jump and Phil’s, he charges $5 a pet.

Jump and Phil’s is a dog friendly restaurant. Stop by and bring your four legged family member too!

Jump and Phil’s is Green Bay Packer’s Headquarters on Hilton Head Island. Join us for grilled brats on the Patio for every Packer’s game.

About Us

Lauren and Lawrence are the proud new owners of Jump and Phil’s Bar and Grill. They met working at the restaurant in 2007. Lawrence was barkeep and Lauren, a server. As the story goes, Lauren thought Lawrence was pretty cute, but he kept talking about someone named Lindsey. It wasn’t until he finally asked her to join him for dinner at the Outback that she realized Lindsey was his brother. Whew! They’ve since gotten hitched, become parents, and are thrilled to be giving it a go as restauranteurs.

Lawrence is a native of the small South Carolina town of Landrum. He loves the coast, and grew up making regular trips to visit his family in Woods Hole, MA. He moved to Hilton Head Island in 2005 and has been the bartender at Jump and Phil’s for ten years. He’s a guitarist, a classic video game collector, and master of the Rubix cube. Lawrence is still slinging drinks from time to time, but he’s mostly behind the scenes running the business.

Lauren comes from Lynchburg, Virginia, a small city located on the James River and less than an hour from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Despite growing up near the mountains, Lauren realized she was an island girl at heart. She spent a semester of college in Melbourne, Australia, and after graduating from Virginia Tech, she made a home on Maui, where she became a surfer and a budding jeweler. She made her way back to the east coast in 2005, where she started her career in the food and beverage industry. When she’s not hosting a busy Friday night or whipping up a batch of chicken-n-dumplings, you’ll find her at her jewelry bench, crafting custom metal pieces from her home studio.

The couple lives in Sea Pines and in their (very limited) free time, they head straight to the beach.  Even there, relaxation is hard to come by because most of the time they’re chasing Lola, their two-year-old daughter, who bolts towards the ocean as soon as her tiny feet hit the sand. They thank you for your support and hope you’ll dine with them soon.